Street And Track Performance Upgrades For Camaro SS

At Spring Mountain Motorsport Resort today, Chevrolet demonstrated how owners of fifth-generation Camaro models (2010-15) can enhance their cars’ performance with factory-engineered 1LE and Z/28 components.

“We offer a wide range of performance parts for Camaro, so customers can build a car to suit their driving interests,” said Mark Dickens, director, Chevrolet Performance. “The standard Camaro SS offers a great balance of style and performance, ideal for street driving. Adding components from the Camaro 1LE shifts the balance more toward performance – ideal for someone who wants to attend a few track days, or is getting into autocross. Adding targeted performance components from the Z/28, and more horsepower, creates a completely track-focused car – ideal for someone who wants to spend every weekend at high-performance-driving events, or even getting into amateur racing.”

Chevrolet Performance engineers developed the parts kits to deliver greater track capability without the need for extensive modification or fabrication. In fact, because they were originally designed for production models, in most cases they simply replace the stock SS parts.

“We built two Camaro concepts to show owners of the fifth-gen Camaros what their cars are capable of, using components derived from the ZL1, 1LE and Z/28 models,” said Dickens. “Each component is designed, engineered and tested by Chevrolet Performance. Our team integrates them to ensure proper fitment for the Camaro SS.”

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Chevrolet tested three stages of Camaro performance – stock SS, Ultimate Street Camaro SS and Ultimate Track Camaro SS. The Ultimate Track Camaro SS’s lap times improved by 8 seconds over the stock SS around the 2.9-mile test track at GM’s Milford Proving Ground.

The Ultimate Street Camaro SS featured the LS3 V-8, rated at 426 horsepower and backed by the TREMEC TR6060 six-speed manual transmission, along with 1LE suspension components. The Ultimate Track Camaro SS featured suspension components from the Z/28, as well as a high-performance camshaft and complementing, higher-flow cylinder heads from Chevrolet Performance, for greater output of 456 horsepower (tuning required).

The concept cars also feature a variety of exterior and interior appearance and performance upgrades, including engine covers, stripe packages and even RECARO performance seats.

More detailed descriptions of the parts listed for the Camaro concepts, along with installation and application notes, are available in the new 2015 Chevrolet Performance catalog, which is available from Chevrolet dealers and is downloadable at

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Stage 1 – Stock Camaro SS
Best Lap Time: 2:05.10
Serving as the control group for the concept cars, these cars demonstrated the performance of factory-stock Camaro SS models, which include fully independent front and rear suspensions – with the rear suspension featuring a 4.5-link system that includes a unique, L-shaped upper control arm that attaches to the knuckle at one end and incorporates a ride bushing in the rear. The front suspension has a dual-ball strut system, with a direct-acting stabilizer bar.

Four-wheel disc brakes with Brembo four-piston calipers are standard, while an electric power steering system originally developed for the ZL1 has been standard on the SS since 2013. All Stage 1 cars ran the course on stock wheels and tires:

• 20 x 8-inch aluminum wheels and P245/45ZR20 tires in the front

• 20 x 9-inch aluminum wheels and P275/40ZR20 tires in the rear.

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Stage 2 – Ultimate Street Camaro SS
Best Lap Time: 1:59.30
The 1LE package is offered on regular-production SS coupe models and features an exclusive package of transmission, chassis and suspension components tuned for enhanced performance. Many of the parts – as well as key parts from the supercharged Camaro ZL1 – are available as direct bolt-on enhancements to shave about 6 seconds off the stock Camaro SS’s lap time.

The components used to build the Camaro SS Ultimate Street Car include:

• 1LE sport suspension package (#23123397) – includes a larger, 27mm solid front stabilizer bar and 28mm solid rear stabilizer bar for improved body control; and revised toe links and rear shock mounts for improved on-track performance

• 1LE strut tower brace (#23120485)

• 1LE tires: Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar G:2 – P285/35ZR20 (#9598378 left / #9598379 right)

• 1LE wheels: 20 x 10-inch front and 20 x 11-inch rear (#22798741 front / #22798742 rear)

• 1LE PCV system (#12653073)

• ZL1 low-restriction air filter (#92229651)

• ZL1 wheel hubs (#25954415)

• ZL1 front brake kit (#22959672)

• ZL1 rear brake kit (#23104466)

• Chevrolet Performance short-throw shifter (#19299460 – suede / #23157703 – leather)

• Chevrolet Performance exhaust system (#23206771).

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Stage 3 –Ultimate Track Camaro SS
Best Lap Time: 1:56.43
Leveraging key components of the Camaro Z/28 – recipient of Motor Trend’s 2014 Best Driver’s Car award – the Ultimate Track Camaro SS concepts demonstrated the ultimate in track capability for SS models.

Along with the additional power supplied by its enhanced LS3 6.2L engine – featuring a camshaft kit and CNC-ported cylinder heads available from Chevrolet Performance – the Ultimate Track Camaro SS was 2.9 seconds faster than the Ultimate Street Camaro SS, and 8.7 seconds faster than the stock Camaro SS.

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“With the Z/28 parts, the Camaro SS is transformed into an entirely track-focused machine,” said Dickens. “The steering is responsive and precise, allowing you to carve down to the apex with ease – and it confidently gets the power to the ground while exiting turns. Perhaps even more amazing is that the on-track transformation is accessible with parts that literally bolt on to any 2010-and-newer Camaro SS.”

The parts roster for the Ultimate Track Camaro SS includes:

• LS3 Power Upgrade Kit (#19301990) – includes camshaft and cylinder heads, enabling 30-horsepower gain over the engine’s stock output

• Z/28 suspension kit with DSSV® Dampers (#23464729)– a comprehensive suspension package that includes racing-derived spool-valve dampers, higher-rate coil springs, smaller-diameter solid stabilizer bars, and higher-rate suspension bushings

• 1LE strut tower brace (#23120485)

• Z/28 helical differential (#23172755) – a racing-proven, zero-preload limited-slip designed for optimal corning capability and cornering exit traction. It includes the 1LE 3.91-ratio gear set

• Z/28 differential cooler (#23216684 – kit with lines) – incorporates an integral heat exchanger, which eliminates the need for an external pump and related hardware

• Z/28 aero components kit (#23489551) – includes a front splitter, Gurney lip moldings and a rear spoiler (2014-15 models only)

• Z/28 brake ducts kit (#23252398) –channels cool, outside air to the front brakes

• Z/28 rear spoiler wicker bill (#23200130) – enhances downforce capability when added to the rear spoiler that’s part of the Z/28 aero components kit

• Z/28 air intake (#23454578) – features a conical air filter sealed to the bottom of the hood

• Z/28 cat-back exhaust system (#22906768) – offers 26-percent reduced backpressure compared to the SS exhaust and a muscular sound

• Z/28 exhaust adapters (#23454579) – to match the exhaust manifolds with the cat-back exhaust system

• ZL1 wheel hubs (#25954415)

• ZL1 front brake kit (#22959672)

• ZL1 rear brake kit (#23104466)

• 1LE tires: Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar G:2 – P285/35ZR20 (#9598378 left / #9598379 right)

• 1LE wheels: 20 x 10-inch front and 20 x 11-inch rear (#22798741 front / #22798742 rear)

• 1LE PCV system (#12653073)

• Chevrolet Performance short-throw shifter (#19299460 – suede / #23157703 – leather).

“Chevrolet provides Camaro customers with parts designed, engineered and tested by our team to support a wide range of performance levels,” said Dickens.

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