BYD Company Announces European Distributorship With Buyers World BV


BYD Company Limited is proud to announce the expansion of a distributor partnership with leading Dutch Solar Wholesale Company, Buyers World BV. The expansion of the distributorship will begin in early 2015, and according to BYD’s General Manager of Solar, Tom Zhao, the partnership will help BYD continue its strong growth throughout the Netherlands and Europe.


Buyers World BV, lead by Maurice Van den Berk and Mr. Hendrik van de Wal, belongs to the 5 largest solar distributors in the Netherlands, and is now BYD’s largest European solar distributor. Their “Lean & Mean” business philosophy first attracted BYD back in 2010, and both companies are excited to hit the ground running again in 2015.

About Buyers World BV

Buyers World BV, founded in 2009 belongs to Holland’s leading solar module wholesale companies. Buyers World is a key supplier of solar modules for major installation and EPC companies. Their headquarter is based in Amsterdam. Buyers World is one of the few solar module whole sale companies who has permanent Dutch occupation in China since many years. The knowledge about Asia, the solar market, it’s ins-and outs, real life factory visits, always stay close to the market, know what’s happening and the lean & mean company structure makes Buyers World BV a solar module wholesale company which is prepared and able to be successful in the 21st century. Buyers World keeps focus and does what they are good at: Solar modules! From their warehouses in Holland, Buyers World is able to deliver quality solar modules without long lead times for its customers. The stable, ongoing stockpile and fast deliveries make Buyers World a partner on whom one can rely on.

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