Parrot Unveils The Simple Box, An Infotainment System For The Automotive Controlled By The Driver’s Tablet


Parrot will be carrying out a demonstration of the “Soca Simple Box”, the 4th generation of Android based infotainment for the automotive industry. Today, more powerful CPUs & GPUs come to the market every month whereas the automotive development cycles and life time last several years. Parrot SOCA simple box addresses this issue, providing a continuous up to date infotainment system by combining Consumer Electronics devices with automotive middleware in a smart and seamless way.

The SOCA Simple Box allows the decoupling of Android world and Parrot automotive software, best in class and proven Parrot know-how & technology : telephony, voice recognition on Music and Contacts, messaging, Text to Speech, multi-sources media player USB / iPod / BT / Radio, Internet 3G/4G connectivity, acoustics and signal processing, multi-standard Radio / TV, etc…

By doing this, Parrot is using the end customer android device (smartphone or tablet) as the display & control for the infotainment features of the SOCA Simple Box, running all the Parrot automotive libraries, worldwide radio and TV reception, vehicle information via CAN or Ethernet network, Vehicle Apps and Premium navigation from OEM market.