RBM Performance, SAAB Spare Parts Specialist, Launches Its North American Website


RBM Performance announced the launch of their exclusive online site, www.rbmperformance.us, to address both USA and Canada. The site features a huge and qualitative selection of auto parts at very competitive prices for SAAB cars brand individual owners and professionals.

RBM Performance, founded 11 years ago, has decided to cross the Atlantic with the launch of its new website dedicated to North American customers. The products and services offer, as well as the pricing policy has been adapted to fully meet N.A customers’ expectations. The launch of this new website illustrates the willingness of its leader to pursue with the international development of the company; capitalizing on its unique expertise around Scandinavian automotive Saab brand. The new website will provide to customers an access to more than 60.000 references from new to used parts, original to adaptive ones, thanks to more than thirty international suppliers. ‘Our aim is to be the North American online sales specialist for SAAB cars brand auto-parts, and we will focus on our unique expertise, the passion of our employees, and our ability to build trustful relationship with our customers to achieve this’ said Romain Mariani, CEO and founder, RBM Performance.

Let’s start the visit on www.rbmperformance.us