The Future of Automotive Winter Testing Has Been Realized In Northern Finland!

Testing of vehicles, components and tires in arctic conditions requires snow, ice and cold temperature. Northern hemisphere offers up to 6 months of winter with guaranteed, proper weather conditions for research and development.

Test World has solved the biggest challenge in automotive winter testing by offering real snow, ice and cold temperature for product development round the year under controlled and stable circumstances.


In 2012, Test World opened the first year-round winter testing facility in the world called Indoor 1. The facility was welcomed by the automotive industry, and since the opening, it has been offering the possibility for braking and snow grip measurements on natural snow and ice also during the summer season. Manufacturers can now shorten their product development cycle by utilizing Indoor 1, when there is no snow otherwise available.

Even though Indoor 1 has been a tremendous success, thanks to reliable test results, state of the art maintenance methods and tools, it is far from being a perfect solution to vehicle manufacturers.

The situation is about to change on 17th February 2015 when Test World opens another year-round winter testing facility called Indoor 2. It has been designed to meet the needs of automotive manufacturers who need to test the drivability of vehicles in winter conditions. Indoor 2 is a year-round handling track on a real packed snow platform, almost 400 meters long and 10 meters wide. And like in Indoor 1, both the platform and air temperature can be adjusted until -10° C.


Managing Director of Test World, Sami Toljamo, is very excited. “Test World is the biggest winter testing facility in Europe, and our market strategy is to stay a few steps ahead of our competitors by constantly developing our service portfolio. Indoor 1 and 2 are great examples of us being an innovative pioneer in the industry! The indoor facilities and their value to our customers are truly unique, there is no one else offering the same. The industry needs constantly to shorten product development time, and Test World is proud to be able to deliver”, says Toljamo.