Vegan – And Porsche Fan


Being a vegan and driving a Porsche – somehow that doesn’t go together for many people. But it does for Attila Hildmann. The best known vegan chef in Germany is true to his passion for fast cars from Zuffenhausen and demonstrates it in a video.


He is an aspiring physicist, a convinced Porsche enthusiast and the most successful vegan chef in Germany: Attila Hildmann. He is the one who brought respectability to vegan food, in other words avoiding all food that comes from animals. The result? More than one million cookbooks sold, regular articles in the media and enormous interest from a wide public.


Attila Hildmann with a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS in a video

At the same time, he loves to split public opinion by making statements such as "Just because I want to eat healthily and ecologically, it doesn't mean I have to live in a monastery or wear dreadlocks". (Die Welt online) Many are indignant about his lifestyle, especially among vegans.


They reproach him because his aim is not to preserve animals but to trim his body. It is a fact that Hildmann lost 35 kilos due to his vegan diet and fitness plays a major role in his life.


But despite all this, he emphasizes that each of his books is a signal against factory farming, overexploitation of nature and nutrition-based diseases in modern society.



And what is the philosophy of an avowed Porsche fan? Keep it simple and still be better than the rest. A recent video shows how well that fits to the new 911 Carrera 4 GTS. The clip has already been clicked more than one million times on YouTube.