The SEAT 20V20 Concept


The SEAT 20V20 concept car is the ideal expression of the evolution of SEAT’s design language. It’s the perfect vision of unmatched performance, versatility and power. And combines the dynamic silhouette of a four-door sports coupé with the refinement and versatility of an SUV.

 Exterior Design

The muscular exterior emulates an athletic figure with precise detailing and refined lines to create a perfect profile. Every single exterior design element works together to create a phenomenal sculptured figure with a great depth of passion.


The 20V20 has been designed to strict dynamic proportions. 20-inch wheels are supported by a long 2791 mm wheelbase and supported by a 1648 mm wide track in the front with 1638 mm in the rear, all brought together by a taut straight roofline.


The front end of the 20V20 features the X-shape as a fundamental design element. The V-shape of the bonnet and the grille embody dynamic performance and forward momentum. The inverted V shaped front bumper conveys firm road presence, exuding stability and robustness. The full-LED headlamps also convey a distinctive character, their focus appears distant, their expression determined and powerful.


The rear design also picks up the X reference. The lines are more subtle, as expressed by the deep tailgate and the strong rear bumper. The rear lights possess the characteristic triangular form used in a number of the 20V20’s design details.

Interior Design

The combination of sports performance, relaxed refinement and precision is also evident in the interior. Low dynamic lines offer a generous amount of space whilst maintaining the pleasant feeling of solidity and safety one looks for in an SUV.


The dominant materials of leather, aluminum, glass and high-gloss trims are of exceptionally high quality and crafted with enormous attention to detail. Everything feels safe and secure – yet, at the same time, airy and lightweight.


With a boot of more than 600 litres of space, there’s plenty of room for luggage and anything else you need to transport. Rear seat passengers can relax thanks to the long wheelbase and clever packaging, while the variable layout of the rear seat bench means that the it can be used as either a four or a five-seater.


The innovative use of information and communication technologies give the 20V20 an intelligence befitting its revolutionary design. The SEAT Personal Drive Device acts as the operating interface inside the car, and seamlessly integrates connectivity and technology with a sporty and versatile design. Outside the vehicle, the Drive Device functions as a mobile navigation system, as well as a remote control for functions such as stationary heating or cooling and for managing the charging process on a plug-in hybrid model.


The SEAT 20V20 is an extremely dynamic SUV that possesses a compelling degree of utility and all kinds of drive options. The TSI drives up to around 220kW / 300 PS and the TDI 176 kW / 240 PS, both powerful as they are efficient, with the option for plug-in hybrid and electric only driving.


SEAT is a perfectionist in its demands and passionate in its expression, the 20V20 is the embodiment of both of these ideals.