World’s First Million Dollar Luxury Monster Truck Goes Up For Sale


Big Toyz Racing Motors (BTR), the premier custom fabricator of the world’s longest monster truck and luxury 4×4 vehicles, announced today that the Sin City Hustler the world’s first and only million dollar monster truck is now being made available to the public. This one-of-one Ford Excursion monster truck features top of the line parts and was hand-built from the ground up by BTR’s racing team.

“We spared no expense when it came to building the Sin City Hustler,” said Brad Campbell, Owner of Big Toyz Racing Motors. “From its custom 521 cubic inch big block motor and hand built chassis, to its killer design with hundreds of one-off billet parts and show quality paint, this one-of-a-kind monster truck is nothing short of spectacular.”

An engineering feat, the million dollar monster truck was built by hand; it measures approximately 12 feet tall, 32 feet in length and weighs in at 15,000 pounds. This 4-wheel drive behemoth has a custom parts list a mile long and features a Ford big block motor capable of pushing out over 700 horsepower. In addition to the Excursion’s massive performance numbers, this tricked out truck features a fully custom built race spec DOM tube chassis and custom suspension that makes it virtually unbreakable and up for the challenge on any terrain.

Only the highest quality materials were used on the truck’s build. Each piece was measured and re-measured, to ensure exactness and overall reliability. What started out as a mechanical build, became art and eventually turned into a one of a kind vehicle.

“The Sin City Hustler is a great example of our team’s craftsmanship and dedication to perfection,” said Jennifer Campbell, Co-owner of Big Toyz Racing Motors. Since we first unveiled this mammoth monster truck, people have been asking us how they could purchase one. While we are sad to see it leave, it’s time to give someone else the opportunity to enjoy it. Whether you choose to take it to the dunes, impress your friends, market your company, or use it as a lucrative business, this truck will make a statement wherever you go.”

In addition to all of its custom parts, the Sin City Hustler offers a reliable and virtually maintenance free platform. In most cases, the engine can be swapped within hours, the transmission can be pulled within 30 minutes and additional parts such as transfer case gears can be replaced in a matter of minutes. What this means, is this custom truck was built to be extremely reliable with little to no maintenance and an easy, simple solution whenever a problem occurs.

The Sin City Hustler is available for sale to the public for the first time since the build was completed. For more information on how you can own this one-of-one custom, visit the BTR website