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Bugatti Creates Extraordinary Chiron Sport Masterpiece Gift

Bugatti takes customer on bespoke journey to specify a Chiron Sport with H.R. Owen Bugatti. Molsheim/ London, 12 February 2021.Every new Bugatti that leaves the Atelier in Molsheim is crafted with the same level of attention, care and timeless grandeur that defines every hyper sports car made by the French luxury brand. Yet no two Bugatti…
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Spy Photos Of Bugatti Veyron’s Rumored Replacement

Here are some early shots of a test mule for the follow-up to the Bugatti Veyron—rumored to be called Chiron. Caught testing in Europe, this lightly camouflaged Veyron shows several modifications, which peg it as the next-generation tester. Among the more curious changes is the use of the steering wheel from the Volkswagen Polo GTI.…
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